Investment Selection

We have developed a sophisticated, proprietary screening and analysis process that we use in selecting individual stocks, mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds to construct clients' portfolios. Our research is thorough and objective.

Mutual Funds/ETFs: Our proprietary analysis program helps us scan various sectors of the market in our quest to find the most undervalued areas that offer the best rate-of-return potential. We overweight these areas in portfolios, while underweighting or eliminating areas we believe have inferior return potential.

Mutual funds and ETFs may be used for diversified equity investments, sector specific investments, and fixed-income investments.

Individual Stocks: Our style of investing is sometimes referred to as GARP--Growth At a Reasonable Price. This simply means that we conduct extensive financial analysis to find stocks that offer significant earnings growth that is sustainable over time. Then, we determine a fair value for those stocks based on a variety of models. We generally only buy companies when they are selling for a significant discount (usually 30% or greater) to our calculated fair value.