Independent and Fee Only

KFAC is an independent firm and is not part of a larger financial product sales or investment organization. That means we work exclusively for our clients to serve their best interests. We are beholden to no one but our clients.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, client-paid fees are our sole source of compensation. We do not receive commissions or income from transaction fees. Since we do not earn a commission for the trades we make, we have no monetary incentive to make unnecessary trades, or "churn" accounts. Since our fee is based on a percentage of the assets we manage, our incentive is to maximize the value of our clients’ assets within the parameters of their stated risk tolerance. This incentive aligns our interests with our clients’ interests.

Charging a fee for our service also gives us an incentive to provide our clients with the highest quality ongoing service possible. When an adviser earns their entire compensation from a client up-front, the client loses a measure of control in the relationship. They can fire the adviser if the advice they receive is poor, but it will not cost the adviser financially--they have already received their full compensation. The client assumes the risk of the relationship not working out and of the advice being inferior.

Because we charge a fee for our service that is based on a percentage of the assets we manage, if a client terminates their relationship with us, it costs us a stream of income. This gives us a strong incentive to provide a high level of service that makes clients want to maintain their relationship with us. We share the risk of a relationship not working out instead of placing that burden solely on the client.

To see our fee schedule, please refer to page 4 on our ADV Brochure.