Ideal Client Profile

Our clients come from various backgrounds, but they all have the desire to grow and preserve their wealth. We believe most of our clients do not have the time, talent or inclination to research their own investments or design a successful long-term financial plan. Instead, they seek a team of professionals that can help them make objective and smart decisions about their financial future. Our clients include pre-retirees; retirees; business owners; and individuals that have recently experienced a significant life event, such as the death of a spouse, divorce, or career change. We have identified the following attributes in our ideal clients:

Ideal Client

  • Affluent with $500,000 + worth of assets to invest
  • Willing to be open with us about their financial lives
  • Have reasonable expectations of the investment markets and our services
  • A delegator who will act on our recommendations
  • Seeks a comprehensive relationship that includes specific financial strategies and professional wealth management with a long-term focus
  • Understands the value of meeting at least semi-annually to review their situation, and they commit to being responsive to us via phone and/or email throughout the year
  • Welcomes our team approach of client service