Helen Shingler, IACCP®

Principal, Chief Compliance Officer

Helen serves as Director of Operations and Chief Compliance Officer at KFAC.  She graduated from Emory University with Honors, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a marketing concentration. She began her first two years of study at Vanderbilt University, with an intended major in Economics.  Helen has a diversified business background, having worked at Lockheed Corporation as a Sales Associate; BellSouth as an Operations Manager; and Bird Law Group as a Firm Administrator.  Throughout her career, Helen has held leadership positions in numerous not-for-profit organizations in Atlanta, Georgia; Brussels, Belgium and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Helen is responsible for managing the business operations at KFAC.  This involves implementing strategic policies and procedures; managing client service and administration personnel; and overseeing business functions such as accounting, information technology, and property management.

Helen also serves as the Chief Compliance Officer, where she develops and administers KFAC’s compliance program in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Helen lives in Atlanta with her two dogs and enjoys spending time with her three children.  She remains active in local volunteer organizations.