Schwab Alliance

KFAC uses Charles Schwab to provide custody and operational services for clients. We utilize Schwab because of the exceptional quality of service they provide. Through the Schwab Alliance website, our clients are provided with secured Internet access to view their Schwab account history, real-time balances, transactions, monthly statements and tax reports online.


As a client of Kays Financial Advisory Corporation ("KFAC"), by clicking on the "Continue to Schwab Alliance" button below, I understand that I am about to leave KFAC's website and gain access to third-party websites. I understand that doing so will allow me to review certain investment-related information published by KFAC and unaffiliated third parties. This password-protected access is made available to wealth management clients of KFAC. I understand that the ability to access the password-protected websites is intended only to allow clients access to information relative to their specific accounts. I also understand that I will be given an individual password. I agree not to share my password with any other person other than those I want to have access to my private information. I hereby release and hold KFAC harmless from any adverse consequences relative to any failure by me to keep the identity of my password secure. I acknowledge that KFAC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information or calculations provided on third party websites. KFAC offers links to these websites solely as a convenience to KFAC clients.

To the extent that any client or prospective client utilizes any economic calculator or similar device contained within or linked to KFACs website, the user acknowledges and understands that the information resulting from the use of any such calculator/device, is not, and should not, be construed, in any manner whatsoever, as the receipt of, or a substitute for, personalized individual advice from KFAC, or any other investment professional.