Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers

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Scott's book, Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers, published by John Wiley and Sons, is now available on-line and in all major bookstores.

During the stock market bubble of the late 1990s, nonsensical investment techniques passed as genius in the unusual circumstances that accompanied the bubble. Now, after being burned by the most severe plunge in stock prices since the Great Depression, individuals from all walks of life are anxious to learn sound investment principles that make sense in any market environment.

Scott Kays, CFA, CFP® meets this need with his new book, Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers. In Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers, financial professional Scott Kays, CFA, CFP® draws from his extensive interviews with five of the nation's preeminent money managers - Bill Nygren, Andy Stephens, Christopher Davis, Bill Fries, and John Calamos. Devoting a full chapter to each manager, Kays explores their unique investment philosophies and discusses the strategies that have made them among the best at what they do. Experienced investors will glean tremendous wisdom from the masters' frank discussions on selecting securities, managing portfolios, and increasing returns while reducing risk. Novices will build a strong foundation from the sound investment principles covered.

Although all of the managers exercise very different investment styles, Kays uncovers five common principles they all practice and to which they all adhere. Understanding these five principles can help every investor improve their results and achieve investment success, regardless of their investment strategy. Specifically, Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers will teach you how to:

  • Invest instead of speculate
  • Develop a personal investment philosophy
  • Build a custom investment process
  • Identify excellent companies
  • Buy stocks only when they sell at, or below, their fair market values

Unlike many books that discuss investment theory, but fail to give readers a practical way to apply what they have learned, Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers develops a comprehensive, yet simple, investment process that incorporates all five of the masters' common investment practices. Virtually every investor who has access to a computer and the Internet can learn the process and use it immediately to make intelligent investment decisions. Kays uses examples throughout the book to carefully explain each step. He then examines three companies at the end of the book to demonstrate the model in its entirety. The knowledge you gain from Five Key Lessons from Top Money Managers will let you experiment with new techniques as you improve your skills and build your personal wealth. Filled with in-depth insights and expert advice, this comprehensive guide has been acclaimed by investment experts and personal financial advisors as one book you must read to succeed in the investment world.


Individual investors have never had better access to markets and information than they do today. Still, keeping your focus amidst the overload of data and the contradictory advice of so-called experts can be challenging. Fortunately, this book can help you implement and hone a successful investing strategy. Kays distills the strategies of some of the market's best thinkers and shows you how you can put their ideas to work for yourself. Novices and pros alike will find much of value here.

Don Phillips

Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc

Reading this book is like having a private audience with some of the best investment managers in the country. Kays brings these great minds to life by starting from their formative experiences, through their educations and apprenticeships, to their current positions at the top of their companies and fields. This is a practical how-to guide for developing a winning investment process.

Peter C. Speros

CFP®, Managing Director

Sullivan, Bruyette, Speros & Blayney, Inc.

An interesting, informative, and understandable book on investing that is ideal for both the novice and advanced investor. Kays provides a process for evaluating securities that every serious investor should be aware of if they want to improve their investing abilities.

Billy M. Williams

Chairman and Founder,

NAIC, Atlanta Chapter

Scott Kays has done a great job of extracting the golden nuggets of investment wisdom from five of the top investment managers. But the best part is the synthesis or "group genius" effect of the common threads they all share. This book is a "must-read" for serious long-term investors and their advisors.

Chris J. Dardaman, Jr.

CPA, CFP®, CIMA, PFS, and CEO and Chief Investment Officer

Polstra & Dardaman, LLC

A serious book for serious investors that deserves shelf space in your library. Read it and profit. You'll be a MUCH better investor.

Harold Evensky


Evensky & Katz

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