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Scott's book, Achieving Your Financial Potential, published by Doubleday, is now available on-line and in all major bookstores.

A large number of people experience unnecessary financial problems due to a lack of knowledge on how to properly handle money. Financial difficulties are often the root cause of many personal problems, including marriage problems, strained family relationships, and a general sense of frustration. The purpose of this book is to help individuals gain control of their finances by providing them with practical step-by-step instructions on how to implement key principles of financial management.

What separates this book from other financial books on the market is that it is more comprehensive in its scope. It was written for busy baby boomers who do not have the time to read several books in order to acquire the financial information they need. Covering all the major areas a financial plan encompasses, it is literally the only book most individuals would need to develop a personal financial plan for themselves.

Scott begins the book by covering the essential principles of managing your money. He then shows in systematic fashion how to practically apply those principles. Scott first explains the process involved in preparing a personal financial plan and how to set financial goals. Next, he discusses in detail each area a plan encompasses, including budgeting, debt liquidation, investing, insurance, education planning, reducing taxes, and estate planning. Finally, he explains that financial freedom is not a one-time event, but rather is the fruit of developing a lifestyle of financial responsibility.

Excerpts from the Book

Taken from Page 103 ...

I used to have a fear that haunted me. Until I made the decision to at least give myself an opportunity to achieve something in life better than what I was experiencing, this fear tormented me. The fear was that someday when I was an old man, and it was too late in my life to even attempt achieving my dreams, I would look back over a life of mediocrity and ask myself, Why didn't I at least try? I was afraid I would then realize the fears that seemed overwhelming earlier in life were lies, phantoms, not real, and I would regret that I never faced them. When I reach that day of looking back over my life, I want to have the peace in my heart of knowing that I gave life my best shot, that I went after it aggressively and gave it everything I had. To think that I would give that up because of someone elses opinion of me is reprehensible.

Are you afraid that if you step out and try something out of the ordinary you will experience failure? Let me set your mind at ease. You will experience failure! You will probably fail several times at several things. Then you can join the legions who at least stepped up to the plate, even though they struck out. But there is no law that says you only get to bat one time. Only by stepping up to the plate and taking the chance that you will strike out will you ever get on base. Some will make it to second, and a few will even hit a home run. Just having the opportunity to score is worth taking the chance of striking out!

Yes, if you try to rise above the crowd and succeed at anything, you will have failures. But you will also have successes that you would never have otherwise experienced, you will learn things that you would never have otherwise known, and, most importantly, you will feel good about yourself for trying! Remember, the only people who never fail are those who never try.


After you read Achieving Your Financial Potential you will want to buy several more copies to share with those you love --- because you know it will change their life. I would have required all the thousands of financial planners I have trained to read Achieving Your Financial Potential if it had been available at that time. This is one of the best books I have read for an individual who wants to achieve their financial potential. The real bonus is that it shows us how the biblical principles relate to our attaining our financial potential. That is why I recommend it to both the people that are beginning on their journey to know about financial planning and to those that are experts. You will be happy with your investment. God was truly working through Scott when this book was written. It is the result of more than human efforts.

H. Oliver Welch


Emeritus Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards

In my counseling practice, financial stress and strain push more people through the front door than any other issue. That's one reason I'm pushing people to gain wise financial counsel like you'll find in this book. Scott Kays gives you a straight forward, biblically sound, understandable plan of action to lower your stress level while raising the level of financial freedom in your home.

John Trent, Ph.D.


Encouraging Words

Thank you for the opportunity to review Scott Kays' book, Achieving Your Financial Potential. Although year end activities and the holiday schedule prevented me from responding earlier, I hope these comments can still be helpful.

As you may recall from our brief conversation, I am an attorney who also has an MBA in finance. In addition, I have been involved in ministry as an Associate Pastor, teacher, and director of Christian education for over ten years. During that time, I have had occasion to read many books and texts on the subject of personal financial management from a Christian perspective. I have also taught classes on stewardship and related subjects.

Kays' book is unique in its comprehensive, yet well organized and simple approach to what can be a complex subject. Addressing the fundamentals with enough depth so that you can actually improve your financial status, this book offers advice and a plan of action that is both biblically sound and consistent with the best practices in personal financial management today. Kays' clear, almost conversational, writing style and the use of highlighted key points make this an easy to read book. I believe this book, with proper promotion, would be quite successful for you and add great value to the body of literature on this subject.

C. Jeffrey Wright


Urban Ministries, Inc.

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