Investing and Economic Commentary

The Labor Department delivered a stunning monthly employment report this morning. During October, our economy generated 204,000 jobs. Though this is still tepid when compared to previous robust economic recoveries, it was much higher than analysts’ expectations of 120,000 jobs created.
The Labor Department reported this morning the employment numbers for September. This report had been delayed due to the government shutdown. Last month, the economy generated 148,000 new jobs. This was lighter than the 180,000 jobs predicted
The Labor Department just released the August employment report. Our economy generated 169,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate ticked down .1% to 7.3%. These numbers were very close to analysts’ estimates, and the initial market reaction was positive
The Labor Department published its monthly employment report this morning. The stock market had a slightly negative immediate reaction, while longer-term interest rates plunged.
Many of our clients have asked or have been wondering “what is going on in this market?” Through June 3rd this year we have been fully invested except for a few days at the beginning of the year. During this time the market, as measured by the S&P 500, was up 12.17%.
The Labor Department just reported the monthly employment numbers for June. Our economy generated 195,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate remained at 7.6%. The number of jobs created were in line with the average of 182,000 jobs created per month over the last year.
The Labor Department just released the April’s employment report. Last month the economy generated 165,000 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped one tick to 7.5%. Additionally, the prior two months’ numbers were revised significantly upward.
The March employment report was a major disappointment, a “punch in the gut” according to one commentator. Analysts expected around 190,000 jobs to be created last month. The actual figure came in at only 88,000. That is approximately one-half the average number of jobs created each month over the last year.
For the past few weeks, this is one question that I seem to be getting quite often. On Thursday March 14, 2013, the Dow closed at its all-time high of 14,539; intraday it had traded as high as 14,547.
This morning, the Labor Department issued the employment report for the month of January. During the month, the economy generated 157,000 new jobs. The private sector created 166,000 jobs, and 9,000 jobs were lost in the government sector. The big news was the upward revisions to the jobs numbers for November and December. November's number was revised upward by 86,000 to 247,000, and December’s jobs growth was upwardly revised by 41,000 to 196,000. This means that approximately 200,000 jobs were created each month during the fourth quarter of last year. This level of jobs growth, while not stellar, is a healthy pick up from earlier last year.