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No, this isn’t some newfangled common core math test! My daughter is 7 years old and, despite her parents’ mathematical abilities, she struggles with math. Addition makes sense, but subtraction is a challenge. 2+2 is most definitely 4 but 4-2 isn’t as clear cut. It reminds me of the accounting joke, “what’s 2+2?” “Whatever you want it to be.” So, at this point you may be wondering why 10 – 2 = 0.28.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 have altered the traditional tax saving advice. Many are going to see their taxes reduced but lose precious itemized deductions at the same time.
I have written about utilizing Student Scholarship Organizations in the past (here), but their use is becoming more powerful with the new limitation on state and local income tax deduction.
While there is virtually an unlimited number of topics in personal finance to write on, I like to address client questions in my articles. This one relates to something I wrote about 2 years ago (here) and is a good reminder to always double check the rules.
The “major tax reform” is coming to a head with the final package agreed to by the House and Senate, soon to be signed into law by the President. On the individual side, not much has really changed and, as a disappointment to the author, it isn’t any simpler. Let’s take a look at the major provisions of the individual tax law beginning 2018.
Everything is in flux, but we are starting to see some compromise across the House and Senate. Below are many (but certainly not all) of the proposed tax law changes. This is fairly high level so not all the details are provided below, but enough are provided to give you an idea of where things are headed.
The GOP Senate tax proposal has been released with large contradictions to the House bill proposed a week earlier.
In this final segment of our series on Retiree Healthcare, we will provide a decision-making framework for healthcare insurance that incorporates the information covered in the first two articles of this series. Leading up to this article, we have explained how the various health insurance programs
Everyone has been waiting with bated breath over the “tax reform” that has been expected to come down from Washington. Some waiting to tear it apart. Some waiting to praise it. I read the entire bill last night; so, let’s look at what is actually being proposed at this point. Please note this is not the final law, but we do have some hard data to go on, finally.
Today we launch into the second article in the series on retiree Health Insurance. If you have yet to review the first article in this series it would be worth your while to ensure a sound understanding of the costs and coverages within the current healthcare insurance landscape.