Shocker Employment Report

Scott Kays, CFA, CFP®, Managing Principal

June 5, 2020

The Labor Department just delivered a shocking employment report for the month of May. Economists had estimated that 8 million jobs were lost last month. Instead, 2.5 million jobs were created, and the unemployment rate dropped to 13.3%. This is a clear indication that the jobs market is gaining traction sooner and much faster than expected as the economy begins reopening.

We are certainly not out of the woods yet, and a 13.3% unemployment rate is significantly higher than the peak reached during the great recession. However, compared to an expected 20% figure, 13.3% is a great number. Obviously, much work remains to be done for our economy to return to normal, but this report was a big step in the right direction. It also indicates there is much pent-up demand on the part of consumers who look ready to spend as businesses reopen.

Between the Fed, Congress, and the president, the government has injected trillions of dollars very rapidly into the economy. Their aggressive actions appear to have avoided a worst-case scenario. Where we go from here will still be greatly influenced by whether there is another jump in coronavirus cases. However, we have learned a lot over the last two months, and, should that occur, it is doubtful the government would completely shut down the economy again.

The initial reaction of the stock market to today’s report was extremely positive. As I write this, Dow Jones futures are up almost 3%. The interest rate on the 10-year bond has jumped as well, an expected response to investors’ expectations for increased economic activity.

It seems odd to many that the stock market has performed so well over the last couple of months while the economy has been struggling. Remember, the stock market does not reflect current economic circumstances; rather, the stock market predicts economic circumstances 3-6 months down the road. Investors are looking past the current dire economic situation and predicting a strong recovery over the next few months.

Surprises like this are why we constantly preach to not time the market. When investors sell out of the market in a downturn, the market can rebound so fast that those same investors often miss a lot, if not most or all, of the rebound. Investors who, instead, stuck to the discipline of their investment plan through this tumult have likely fared well.

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Let’s take the win and enjoy the good news. Thank you for your trust and confidence, and have a great weekend!

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